We are a company formed by dynamic, highly trained and specialize professional, in maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts for mining machines and equipment in general, this experience allows us to visualize ourselves as a company of great expectation and demand growth.





We have a business areas:
Supply OEM parts
Manufacturing of spare parts
Repair and maintenance of heavy equipment and factories
Equipment Rental
We have a strong belief in the technical support. In response our professionals are always ready and alert to provide products and excellent services to our customers, efficiently responding to these requirements by optimizing obtained through experience int the industry, resulting that allows us to deliver high quality, delivery in good time and low costs.

We want to be the Leader in Industrial Maintenance and supply worldwide.
Advancing step safely expand our services, placing and standing out as one of the companies of excellence in industry.
INKANATA´s mission is to provide maintenance services and sourcing excellence.
Prioritizing professional work and responding efficiently and effectively to our clients.
Inkanata is the combination of two words "INKA" which was the largest empire in South America and "KANATA" word Iroquois (Canadian aboriginal tribe), meaning "village", which later became the name of the country CANADA.
In 2010 INKANATA, initially positioned company in Ontario Canada was born.