We are highly trained sales professionals and technician related with spare parts, tools and equipment for mining and industrial machinery. SUPPLY AREA MAINTENECE & SERVICE AREA
Our effectiveness and efficiency process let us serve our valued customers with lower costs and in timely fashion, based on their needs.

To be the worldwide leader in supply and maintenance services for mining and industrial machinery. Tracking our services to reach excellency.
INKANATA pursues 2 missions:
Supply high quality of parts, equipment and tools in a timely manner, reducing their costs in order our valued customers to obtain the best and reasonable price.
Provide a prompt and effective maintenance and services through our highly trained technician, based on our client requirements.
INKANATA the combination of two words:
"INKA" which was the powerful and largest empire in South America and,
"KANATA" Iroquois word (aboriginal tribe of Canada), which means town, a term that later gave rise to the name of Canada.
In 2010 INKANATA was born in Ontario Canada.
In 2014 we opened the company in Peru.
In 2015 we began operation in USA.